Giving the car away to a relative, friend, coworker or neighbor?
You can transfer your warranty coverage plan to a new owner. With 2B Safe Warranty this procedure is possible, convenient and easy! Call our customer service office and you will get the instructions to do that. Or simply follow the steps listed below:

To transfer the warranty plan for your car to a new owner you will need to mail us the following:

— Copy of the title front and back with new owners name and signature, the date of sale and actual vehicle mileage at the time of sale;

— Printed or hand written bill of sale agreement for the transaction with the sellers and buyers names and signatures, mileage and date;

— Submitted and signed “Coverage Plan Transfer form” below:

The transfer fee of $99 applies. Payments are accepted in a form of a check or money order made out to 2B Safe Warranty and submitted together with the required documents listed above by mail to 2B Safe Warranty at P.O. BOX 3 Merrimack NH 03054. Everything must be submitted to 2B Safe Warranty prior or at the time of sale. You will get the confirmation letter or email once the Transfer of Coverage plan is reviewed and approved by 2B Safe Warranty.